1.1 Transfer implies the transport of at least one passenger from the starting and end point.

Transfer may take place on any route between destinations offered on the site.

One of the selected points of carriage must be terminal - the airport or city.

The second point the user selects the transfer so that the selected point is a proposed destination points, and the correct address must be written in the appropriate place.

1.2 Carriage transfer may be in one or two ends.

2. Individual transfer

2.1 Individual shuttle transportation:

Cars for 1-4 passengers 1-6 passengers 1-10 passengers.

Passengers expect a driver who is carrying an inscription with the names of the passengers.

The driver carries passengers on a pre-desired address.

The price of transfer is made on the cost of transportation of the ordered vehicle.


3.1 A person who wishes to make a reservation must be of age and have a valid credit card.

3.2 Reservations made via the Internet, at the same time filled with all the necessary forms.

3.3 Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before the transfer.

Exception: You can also book a shuttle service for 24 hours before its start, the Carrier will confirm by e-mail.

3.4 A person who enters the data is responsible for their authenticity and accuracy. The carrier shall not be liable for any errors in the introduction of information or false information.

3.5 A person who enters the information data transfer transportation group agrees with these Rules on behalf of the whole group is considered to be a responsible person and is liable for all according to the rules.

3.6 Reservation is effective only when the bank card to confirm credit card of the customer and when the payment is successfully completed.

3.7 Carrier is not obliged to accept the booking. If the reservation is made, the customer the customer will receive a message on bookings made by the previous e-mail.

In case of cancellation of reservation after the payment, the amount will be returned in full as soon as possible.

3.8 After the payment service client customer receives an e-mail account with all the details of the order.

3.9 Each account contains a unique identification number. This number is used to check the status of reservations, as well as to you have the opportunity to change or cancel a reservation, as well as confirmation of further interaction between the carrier and the customer.

4. Change and cancellation RESERVATION

4.1 The customer may at any time to change my reservation. Administrative fee for the change of the data is not collected.

4.2 If the price of the new transfer above the old price, the price is increased by the difference.

If the price of the new transfer is lower than the old one, the customer returns the overpayment.

4.3 Termination of the transfer carriage takes on special rules:

- In the case of cancellation of transfer 48 hours before the agreed date of transfer, the customer paid with a deduction of the amount of $ 10

- In the case of cancellation of transfer 24 hours before the agreed date of transportation, the client paid amount minus 50%

4.4 If the transfer is canceled within 30 days prior to the date of transfer is not your fault (disasters, the death of a family member, as the disease of a family member, etc.), the client returns the whole amount paid previously.

The customer must provide the customer a request for cancellation of transfer themselves with a supporting document proving the cause of failure.


5.1 All vehicles which produce transfers are in good repair and insured in accordance with the laws of the State of Israel.

5.2 Compulsory insurance of passengers is included in the price of the ferry.

5.3 Passengers who are in a state of alcoholic intoxication, narcotic drugs or other unauthorized means will not be allowed to enter the vehicle and does not have the right to return the amount paid previously.

5.4 Passengers whose behavior will threaten the safety of drivers and other passengers or other road users, will be removed from the vehicle, and they will be notified to the police station.

5.5 Smoking, consumption of food and beverages, drugs and alcohol in the vehicle is strictly prohibited.

In all other cases, the decision is made by the driver, or agent of the carrier.


6.1 The carrier is responsible for the timeliness of service and professionalism during transportation and compliance under the laws of the State of Israel.

6.2 The carrier is obliged to comply with their rights and obligations in whole or in part to a third party or a person on the decision-making and without notice.

6.3 All verbal agreements between the customer and the carrier must be subsequently confirmed in writing (e-mail, fax), otherwise are considered invalid.

6.4 Carrier is not responsible for the delay in departure or arrival time, due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic jams, very bad weather conditions, floods, storms, and fires and so on (the forces of nature), but in other cases, it must compensate passengers costs.

6.5 If the customer transfer and the driver does not make contact at the agreed place and at the agreed time, the customer should contact the contact phone number: + (972) 54 797 50 25 or + (972) 54 226 34 02, which will be able to obtain further instructions.

6.6 If for any reason the customer transfer can not be on the previously organized place before the transfer of the agreed deadline, must notify the contact phone number: + (972) 54 797 50 25, which will be able to receive further instructions.

6.7 The Carrier can not guarantee the exact time duration of the trip transportation. All data on the approximate duration of the transfer. Passengers who are going to make another change to the transport, should calculate and leave enough time to move the end of the planned transfer before the departure of another vehicle.

6.8 If the selected vehicle for any reason, do not fit you, the Carrier undertakes the transportation of another vehicle.

6.9 Carrier is the only responsible person to whom the payment is made the transfer. Nobody has the right, on behalf of the carrier to make payment or to change the conditions of carriage, unless the rules clearly stated.